Let's Create Safer Spaces, Thriving Communities & Change the World

Within our Building To Thrive™ Training, we break down critical design considerations into manageable actions for improvement. Empowering you to raise the sense of safety and well-being within your buildings. We’re adding the finishing touches to the Building to Thrive™ training, and cannot wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, our team has put together a few of our most effective tips for creating safe spaces and satisfied tenants into one easy-to-follow checklist.

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    Cynthia Dovell

    MArch, Architect AAA, OAA, MRAIC


    Meet Our Founder

    Hello, I’m Cynthia! The founder of AVID Architecture and creator of national award-winning architectural gems.

    As a child, my family often experienced unstable housing conditions and the trauma they inflict on the people who live there. I learned, firsthand, how the environments we live in affect our daily lives, and ultimately the trajectory of our lives. I firmly believe that when we have our basic needs for housing and safety met we can reach our full potential, be creative, or contribute to society in a meaningful way.

    We are so excited to partner with you to build thriving communities.

    AVID's Heart for Safety

    Scientific studies have shown that your physical surroundings play a crucial role in your mental health.

    Today at AVID Architecture, we create plans that encourage residents to move towards self-improvement and live their best lives. We’re on a mission to design communities that cultivate safety and inspire joy.

    Our passion for creating intuitive and secure homes has caused us to dream beyond AVID’s boundaries. This is why we have developed the Building To Thrive™ Training—allowing us to share our expertise and empowering you to strengthen your communities.